Get Started

Hi there!, I'm glad you're here. Now let me guide you on how to use this service.

Uploading on Anofile

Step Alpha

  • Goto Upload
  • Now either locate your file by clicking on Choose file or just drag and drop it
  • Then click on upload button

Step Beta

  • A progress bar will appear showing the upload progress
  • A link will be displayed on successful upload
  • Either click on the link box to copy or share to external messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram with share button
  • Please do note that sharable link will only be shared with you once. If lost, it can't be retained

That's it done!

Opening File Links on Anofile

  • When you open a file link, you'll have two options that is and
  • Preview -> The corresponding file is loaded within the browser. The files will be loaded only if your browser supports rendering of that particular file.
  • Download -> The corresponding file will start downloading.
  • That's all I have for you. Make sure you give me your feedback.
  • If you want to learn more about AnoFile's file encryption and security, head to security section.